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Voltex is highly appriciated in terms of services by offering our Designing/ Manufacturing/ Installation/ Commissioning/ Engineering to our clients satisfaction. Here are some information regarding our services
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Network Maintenance
Voltex is available to you to troubleshoot, maintain and inform you on the status of your current network and possible expansions, everything from new security implementation to complete redesign. These services are available on a per call basis or in the form of a service contract. Typical contracts involve, regular network checking, adding and removing of IPs, subnet maintenance. Each contract is customized to your network and your needs.
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Providing commercial-grade Network wiring service throughout a business facility involves the installation of a collection of connectors, connecting hardware and cables using unshielded twisted pair (UTP), screened (foil) unshielded twisted pair (F/UTP). UTP cables come in a variety of grades for applications from the work area in a call center to telecommunications rooms to connections to and inside data centers. Siemon Augment Category 6 UTP cable uses larger cable diameters to mitigate crosstalk in 10G BASE-T applications. Category 5e and 6 are also offered.
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Fibre Optics Backbone
Fiber optic network cabling is the most common network connection for data centers, though F/UTP and S/FTP are gaining popularity. Fiber optic cabling is available in singlemode and multimode forms. A mode is the path a ray of light follows while traveling down a fiber cable. As pictured, multimode fiber allows more than one mode of light. Common multimode core sizes are 50 m and 62.5 m. Singlemode fiber allows for only one pathway, or mode of light to travel within the fiber. The core size is typically 8.3-10 m.
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Panel Wiring
Standard electrical panels are fed from either the service meter or the electrical disconnect. The wire size depends on the size of your electrical panel installation and meter size. The most common sizes used in residential installations is 100 and 200-amp breaker panels. In 100-amp installations, #2 thhn wire is required to feed the panel. In 200-amp installations, 3/0 thhn wire is needed. Both installations have an single-phase installation with two "hot" wires feeding them.
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Panel Maintenance
Maintenance of your circuit breakers can prevent unnecessary downtime and in many cases is more economical than replacing your existing equipment. Our experience ensures that we can perform top quality repairs, modifications, rebuilding and maintenance on most circuit breakers and larger frame molded case breakers of all brands and vintages.
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Our vision is to emerge as one stop automation Service Provider for all INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION APPLICATIONS driven by professional engineers. We offers a wide range of products which include; Allen-Bradley Programmable Controllers, I/O Distributed, Operator Interface, AC Drives, Solid State & Integrated Motor Control, Networks & Communication, Power & Energy Management, Condition Monitoring Systems.
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